Call for Abstracts

Receive recognition, experience and praise by submitting a poster abstract at the SLAS Europe 2020 Conference and Exhibition.

This is your chance to showcase and present your own original research in front of the diverse SLAS Europe 2020 audience. Expect industry professionals, academics, scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and researchers from the global life sciences and laboratory technology community.

The abstract must relate to one of the following educational tracks featured at the conference*:

Track 1: Emerging Biology

  • The focus will be on emerging targeting strategies such as non-coding RNA’s, autophagy and lysosomal storage mechanisms on targets and assays.

Track 2: Technology

  • What tools do researchers use to make discoveries? This track covers three tools useful for deriving leads and determining winning molecules – biophysical and fragment screening, learning from data through AI algorithms, and super-resolution microscopy.

Track 3: Discovery

  • This session will focus on two hot-spots of research, particularly in the cancer field: bi-specific antibodies that re-direct T cells and antibodies that target checkpoints of the immune system. Antibodies are extremely versatile proteins that may be developed into therapeutics for many diseases. The process used to design and select such innovative molecules will be illustrated through case studies.

Track 4: Careers in Business and Technology

  • A special track for those looking to learn more about how to grow in their career, or how to prepare for a new role. We’ll cover public-private partnerships, technical skills and start-up culture. When do you know it’s right to launch a new venture?


*If you cannot find a particular topic of interest listed in the track descriptions or preliminary session titles but wish to showcase research related to one of the track themes, you may still submit your abstract for consideration by the SLAS Europe 2020 Scientific Programme Committee.

Important Deadlines

Podium Abstract Submissions Due:Monday, 3 February 2020
Tony B. Academic Travel Award Podium Submissions Due:Monday, 3 February 2020
Tony B. Academic Travel Award Poster Submissions Due:Monday, 2 March 2020
Podium Abstract Decisions Communicated:Week of 16 March
Poster Submission Deadline for inclusion in Student Poster Competition:Monday, 6 April 2020
Poster Abstract Decisions Communicated:Monday, 30 March 2020 (On a monthly basis thereafter through Final Deadline)
Final Poster Abstract Submission Deadline:Monday, 27 April 2020

SLAS Tony B. Academic Travel Award

SLAS Tony B. Academic Travel Award includes airfare or mileage reimbursement, conference registration and shared accommodations. Students, graduate students, postdoctoral associates, and junior faculty are encouraged to submit an abstract and apply for a chance to have a portion of your travel fees covered. View complete details on the Tony B. Academic Travel Award Programme.

SLAS Europe 2020 Abstract Information

Ensure all your materials are together prior to entering your abstract for preparation. You will be able to view screen shots of each step in the process by using the “guidelines” section of the submission site.
Complete submissions must include:

  • Abstract title
  • Abstract text (450-word limit)
  • Presentation preference: podium, poster or both (if applicable)
  • Identify applicable track (preference only)
  • Primary presenter details (one per abstract): name, job title, degree(s), institution, address, city, state, postal code, country, email, business phone, biography
  • Award nominations (if applicable)
  • Identify co-authors: name, job title, degree(s), institution, city, state, country, email
  • Abstracts must be relevant to the SLAS Europe 2020 educational tracks to be considered. It will then be reviewed and chosen by the SLAS Scientific Programme Committee. Abstracts may be reassigned to another track if it is more relevant.
  • Authors are encouraged to submit abstracts describing their original research on topics relevant to any of the 10 programme tracks for either poster or podium presentation. Ensure to clearly present your research and the results obtained.
  • Podium presentations are 30 minutes in length including time for questions and answers.
  • Poster presentations are scheduled for a one-hour time slot.
  • The primary presenter must have a valid email as they will serve as the primary contact for SLAS Europe.
  • All abstracts must be submitted electronically via the online abstract submission system.
  • The body of the abstract may not exceed 450 words.
  • The title is considered separate from the body of the abstract and is not included in the word limit. Specific formatting requirements are included on the submission form.
  • Develop you abstract in a word processing programme first as there is no spelling or grammar check function in the online submission process. Then copy and paste your information accordingly. Please do NOT use all capital letters in your abstract or title.
  • If accepted, your abstract will be published EXACTLY as it has been entered into the system. This includes company/institution names, presenter names, etc. Submissions will not be edited in any way prior to publishing in SLAS Europe 2020 conference materials.
  • Fields denoted with asterisks (*) are required fields.
  • At the close of the submission period, all abstracts will be reviewed by the SLAS Europe 2020 Scientific Programme Committee to determine which abstracts are accepted into the programme. The SLAS Europe 2020 Scientific Programme Committee reserves the right to move abstracts into tracks other than the one selected by the submitter during the submission process.
  • Those submitted as podium abstracts but not accepted for the podium programme will be reviewed for a poster submission if indicated as such by the submitter during the submission process.
  • A member of the SLAS Professional Team will contact all selected abstract applicants with information regarding scheduling, speaker agreements and the Speaker Resource Centre. Speakers agree to use the Speaker Resource Centre as the primary source for communication about speaker information.
  • It is expected all speakers will adhere to the policies and deadlines established to ensure accurate and timely information is made available to SLAS Europe 2020 attendees.
  • Primary presenters are responsible for communicating with co-authors regarding acceptance or rejection, deadlines and all other submission details.
  • Whenever possible, SLAS will record presentations and make the recordings available to SLAS members and attendees. In some cases, webcasting or streaming of sessions may be offered as well. All speakers will be required to provide SLAS with the permission to record, broadcast, edit, transcribe, archive, duplicate, distribute, reproduce and sell any written or visual material submitted in connection with presentations at this SLAS conference in any media now existing or developed in the future.
    SLAS presenters are required to electronically agree to the speaker guidelines and releases.
  • Accepted poster presentations will be required to physically present the poster during a two-hour time slot as indicated in the acceptance notification.
  • Presentation confirmations will be distributed according to the approximate timeline below:
    • Podium Presentation Confirmation: by 16 March 2020
    • Poster Presentation Confirmations: beginning 30 March 2020 and on a rolling basis thereafter

Selected speakers must agree to the following:

Commercialization/Marketing Policy

Unless specifically designated, the SLAS Europe Scientific Programme is a non-commercial forum. Speakers are to refrain from the use of brand names and specific product endorsement whenever possible. Under no circumstances should the society’s podium be used as a place for direct promotion of a speaker’s product, service, or for monetary self-interest. Negative remarks about a particular company or brand are also prohibited.

Vendor Abstract Submissions
SLAS welcomes abstract submissions from the vendor community and encourages vendor scientific content to be represented within educational programs at SLAS events. Vendors wishing to submit an abstract are requested to review the Vendor Presentation Guidelines prior to submitting an abstract. The Program Committee will review each abstract against these guidelines as part of their abstract review processes. Sample abstracts are available upon request.

Vendor Presentation Guidelines
The following guidelines are meant to assist authors from the technology vendor community in considering abstract submission for SLAS events. SLAS recognizes the importance of representing the scientific research and development taking place at within the vendor community and encourages inclusion of this content provided the following guidelines are followed:

  • Agreement to Commercialization/Marketing Policy
  • Science First: The abstract must contain relevant research with data- and evidence-based conclusions
  • No Direct Product Mention or Brand Names: Aim to communicate and teach, not to sell or explore markets
  • Limited reference to company Names in a non-promotional context is permitted


All authors understand that the presentation title, abstract, bio and author information will be published online at and in the SLAS Europe 2020 conference app, event scheduler, E-poster gallery and abstract compendium. SLAS reserves the right to edit the title and description for promotional purposes.

Audio-Visual Requirements

To improve the transition between individual speakers, SLAS has instituted a policy requiring that all audiovisual be limited to PowerPoint presentations. Presenters are permitted to supply handouts at the session; however, SLAS will not duplicate such material and all costs associated with those handouts are the responsibility of the presenter. SLAS asks that all podium presenters drop off their presentation at the Speaker Ready Room onsite at SLAS Europe 2020 as per details included in the official confirmation. Laptops are provided in the presentation rooms and SLAS asks that all presenters use the laptops provided rather than use their own.


SLAS values the diversity of its membership and the contributions each participant makes to the education of its members. SLAS will not tolerate comments of a sexual nature nor negative remarks about ethnicity, alternative lifestyles or physically or mentally challenged individuals. Profanity is prohibited. Speakers must refrain from overt statements or pointed humour that disparages the rightful dignity and social equity of any individual or group.

Conference Expenses

Those authors whose abstracts are accepted are responsible for their own travel, lodging and conference registration expenses. A waiver of registration fees will be considered upon request for those requiring financial assistance. Details regarding registration waivers will be available with the Speaker Resource Centre upon confirmation of acceptance.

All presenters must be registered as full conference attendees unless you are registered as an SLAS exhibitor. Limited funds may be available to assist with travel and/or hotel funding. These funds are based on availability and financial need.