Innovation AveNEW for Start-ups

Innovation AveNEW is a specially designed area within the exhibition exclusive to start-ups and emerging life sciences and technology companies. All qualifying companies are encouraged to apply for this unique opportunity at SLAS Europe 2020.

If chosen for Innovation AveNEW, your company is given the opportunity to exhibit its products and services in a designated kiosk in the Innovation AveNEW area of the exhibition without paying exhibition fees or travel costs. The SLAS Europe 2020 Conference and Exhibition aims to help your start-up grow and create direct connections with purchasing influencers and decision-makers across the global life sciences community.

Innovation AveNEW’s mission is simple – to offer start-ups and entrepreneurial companies in the area of life sciences and technology a venue for positive, collaborative interaction and exposure for their product and/or service concepts.

Who Should Apply?

Interested companies must, in some way, align with the life sciences and technology field area. An established relationship with a university, bioscience incubator or research institution, although not required, is preferable. The companies products and/or services must be available for sale/distribution within the year of their conference participation.

Candidate applications for SLAS Europe 2020 will be accepted starting December 16, 2019.
All applications are reviewed by the Innovation AveNEW Review Panel, who will evaluate applications for technical merit and commercial feasibility as well as other criteria, inclusive of, but limited to:

  • Compelling science and technology
  • Clarity of vision and market opportunity (business plan)
  • Strength of management team
  • Impact on the field of life sciences discovery and technology
  • Startup status

Up to sixteen companies are chosen for this programme this year and a single company can be selected for participation only one time.
SLAS reserves the right to select and deselect any company at any given time. All decisions are final. Companies selected for participation in Innovation AveNEW must agree to and adhere to the rules and regulations for participation.

SLAS Europe 2020 is dedicated to advancing life sciences discovery and technology while encouraging peer networking. To fulfil that mission, companies selected to participate in Innovation AveNEW receive at no cost:

  • Kiosk exhibit space on the floor of the exhibition including space for a computer and literature, signage, an internet connection and power.
  • Travel and lodging for one (1) person coordinated through SLAS Travel Service Desk (must be pre-approved, airfare up to €300 max. per European traveller/ €1,100 max. per international traveller, and three nights lodging).
  • Access to thousands of participating life sciences researchers, purchasing decision makers and potential business partners; ample time for networking.
  • Access to SLAS Ignite presentations, and opportunity to collaborate with expert life sciences business professionals.

Finally, all participating companies are asked to submit a previously unpublished scientific manuscript (original research or a related review paper) for peer reviewed publication in one of two SLAS journals – SLAS Discovery or SLAS Technology – post-conference.

  • Applications Open
  • Application Deadline: 16 March 2020
  • Selection Announcement: April 2020

Elizabeth Frank, Program Manager
[email protected]
+1.630.256.7527, ext. 102

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