Scientific Podium Programme

Podium presentations at SLAS Europe 2020 are organised into four educational tracks. Track and session titles and descriptions and names of track chairs and session chairs follow below.

The Scientific Programme Committee selects speakers based on the innovation, relevance and applicability of research. If your proposed topic does not squarely fit into the focus of one of these tracks, please submit it for committee consideration regardless. The committee members use their judgment and experience to select presentations that best address the interests and priorities of today’s life sciences discovery and technology community.

Emerging Biology

Track Chairs:

  • Christian Ottman, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Molecular Cell and Structural Biology, TU Eindhoven
  • Fulvio Reggiori, Prof. Ph.D., Department of Biomedical Sciences of Cells and Systems, Section Molecular Cell Biology, University of Groningen
  • Peter Staller, Ph.D., Director Target Validation Technologies, Bayer

The focus of this track will be on emerging targeting strategies such as non-coding RNA’s, autophagy and lysosomal storage mechanisms on targets and assays.


Track Chairs:

  • John Overington, Ph.D., Chief Informatics Officer, Medicines Discovery Catapult
  • Stefan Jakobs, Ph.D., Professor of High-Resolution Microscopy in Neurodegenerative Diseases, Univ. of Goettingen
  • Rob Leurs, Ph.D., Professor Medicinal Chemistry at Vrije Universiteit

What tools do researchers use to make discoveries? This track covers three tools useful for deriving leads and determining winning molecules – biophysical and fragment screening, learning from data through AI algorithms, and super-resolution microscopy.


Track Chairs:

  • Christel Menet, Ph.D., CSO, Confo Therapeutics
  • Stephanie Heinzlmeir, Ph.D., Scientist, Technische Universität München
  • Kamran Honarnejad, Ph.D., Group Leader High-Throughput Drug and Target Discovery, Fraunhofer ITEM

Antibodies are extremely versatile proteins that may be developed into therapeutics for many diseases. This track will focus on two hotspots of research, particularly in the cancer field: bispecific antibodies that re-direct T cells and antibodies that target checkpoints of the immune system. The process used to design and select such innovative molecules will be illustrated through case studies.

Careers in Business and Technology

Track Chair:
Ian Shuttler, Ph.D., Head of Strategy & Portfolio Management, LSB, Tecan

A special track for those looking to learn more about how to grow in their career, or how to prepare for a new role. We’ll cover public-private partnerships, technical skills, and start-up culture – when do you know it’s right to launch a new venture?

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